Booking a chauffeur in Leicestershire doesn’t have to be hard

Booking a chauffeur in Leicestershire doesn’t have to be hard

When it comes to booking a chauffeured car service in the Leicestershire area, you have a lot of choices. You could spend hours tapping away at your computer, searching through heaps of Google listings. You will find page after page of Leicester executive car services – and you’ll probably end up with a massive headache.

Let us help you make the process a lot easier and save you time and energy.Premier Chauffeurs Leicester are the way to go. We're so confident you will find us the best in the business we're willing to tell you to stop your search now. Book with us and experience the best that the industry has to offer.

Why book with Premier Chauffeurs Leicester?

We are the premier chauffeur company in the Leicester and Leicestershire areas. And we have the reviews and awards to prove it. Furthermore, we have a spotless safety record and flawless customer service history. Therefore you can rely on our reputation to keep you safe and get you where you need to be.

The difference with our drivers

Our drivers are all fully licensed and experienced in driving in the Leicestershire area. Whether you need to arrange a pick up from Heathrow Airport in London or a transfer from the Southampton Seaport, our drivers know the quickest routes.

We don’t just rely on a GPS like the drivers for Uber or other apps. During road work, traffic accidents and inclement weather, those GPS directions become worthless. Drivers relying on GPS alone will make you late or cause you undue stress, not to mention they will rack up your mileage costs. We give accurate flat rate quotes and stick to them, getting you there safely and on time, all at a price you can rely on.

Our luxury fleet

When you book a chauffeured car, you want a vehicle that can get you to you destination in style and comfort. All of the cars in our luxury fleet are up to the highest standards, and they will arrive clean and in good condition. Some of the cars that we use include the Mercedes E Class, S Class, and 7 seater Viano MPV.

We offer meet and greet service at the airport, train station or seaport, so you and your clients will never be searching for your car. Once in our cars, you can take advantage of free WiFi, an in car desk and bottled water, allowing you to work from your own ‘portable office.’

Show your clients that you care about their comfort – and your reputation. Premier Chauffeurs Leicester is the only option for people serious about their business and their comfort. Don’t take risks with anything less.

Please Call Premier Chauffeurs Leicester on Tel 0116 3214 161 or email us today for a free quote for your journey.

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